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Photo : Nima Yeganefar

Maurice Bourbon

Métamorphoses and Biscantor ! vocal ensembles

Maurice Bourbon, a choir director, singing teacher, singer and composer, conducts three vocal ensembles as the artistic director of the Chapelle des Flandres Association. Métamorphoses is a vocal ensemble of international soloists, Coeli et Terra is a top-level chamber choir, and Biscantor! is a vocal ensemble of young adults. The groups were founded respectively in 1983, 1987 and 2005. Since the beginning of his career Maurice Bourbon has focused on analysis and research, first as an engineer at the École des Mines in Paris and a researcher in sedimentology at the French national centre for scientific research (CNRS), and later as a musician.

With the creation of Métamorphoses in 1983, Maurice Bourbon acquired the perfect tool for the performance of masterpieces from the a cappella repertoire by composers both renowned (Gesualdo, Monteverdi, Bach) and less famous (Antoine de Bertrand).
Through his rigorous analysis of the different mechanics of music and the lyricism of his singers, he aims to reproduce its most complex features and flamboyant harmony. After recording Bach’s motets a cappella (the only existing interpretation of its kind), Bourbon began to concentrate on his favored music, the masses of Josquin Desprez, which he decided to record in their entirety. The present CD is the fifth in a series of ten.

Through Biscantor !, whose name recalls the stunning Franco-Flemish virtuoso singers, professionals who were accustomed to the subtleties of vocal polyphony and were often composers themselves, like Josquin himself, Maurice Bourbon seeks to educate talented young polyphonist singers (aged 18 to 28) before training the most promising of them for the rigors of professional vocal polyphony. For instance, three singers of Biscantor ! took part in Bourbon’s Petits Z’oiseaux Mass in 2009, three participated in Josquin and Rome 2, and three sing in the present recording, along with the experienced singers of Métamorphoses.

Noémie Capron, Juliette de Massy, Irène Mayaffre, sopranos; Raphaël Mas, countertenor; Vincent Lièvre-Picard, Marcio Soarès, tenors; Maurice Bourbon, baritone; Enrico Bava, Philippe Roche, basses. Direction: Maurice Bourbon.

Biscantor !
Axelle Corteel, mezzo-soprano Clément Debieuvre, countertenor; Emmanuel Hasler, baritone.